Higher Education (HE)

Our Higher Education practice is made up of individuals that have experience exclusively in higher ed who understand campus administration and the student, staff and faculty journeys.

We understand the challenges that can arise from keeping up with the changing demands and requirements of students, parents, faculty, staff, and regulatory agencies. Our team provides solutions that enable institutions to focus on its mission to teach and graduate students.

Our Higher Education Expertise Will Enable Your Institution to reach its IT goals and uphold its student-focused mission.

Our experienced team has provided technology solutions to public, private, non-profit and for-profit institutions of all sizes in North America. We have an in-depth knowledge and holistic understanding of technology solutions used by higher education institutions, and bring unique experiences implementing and integrating industry solutions across the entire campus.

At Cloudworks we have dedicated our investment solely to Enterprise Cloud and Advisory solutions including Student Administration (admissions, financial aid, student records, advising and student billing), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Human Capital Management (HCM), and Enterprise Planning Management (EPM).

How is Cloudworks different?

At Cloudworks we take innovation and education seriously. In today’s ever-changing and challenging higher education environment, institutions must create and maintain accurate and smooth experiences across all areas of campus. Our Cloudworks team zeroes in on the needs of your campus and offers single solutions or campus-wide solutions – we don’t offer excessive solutions or unnecessary technology – our experience and passion ensures you get what you need for your campus in order to reach your goals. How do we do this? We maximize our Cloudworks talent and offer unique solutions including:

Robotic Process Automation

Our in-house team offers Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions to improve efficiency, accuracy and compliance of repetitive tasks. RPA can interact with any system or application to automate business processes using your own software robots that are code-free, non-disruptive, non-invasive and easy to implement.
Imagine your campus. Does your office receive paperwork or electronic applications? How many hours does your staff spend reading paperwork instead of counseling students? RPA can provide a solution that will read and enter data so your team can spend time where it is most beneficial to the students and staff. Reach out to our team here to find out more about the many RPA possibilities for your operations.

Service Now

We also provide Service Now solutions that will enhance the customer service experience for students, staff and faculty. ServiceNow helps institutions improve student onboarding, student self-service, community, student mobility, field service and more.

ServiceNow is a cloud-computing platform that helps organizations manage digital workflows for enterprise operations. Enhance the Employee and Student experience with digital workflows by automating frequent requests boosting employee productivity and quickly addressing student’s needs.

We understand technology is not the entire answer to for all campus challenges, but it certainly plays an increasingly significant role. Today’s Cloud solutions enable:

  • Streamlining of business processes, whether the business is a global giant or a local phenomenon
  • Simple yet sophisticated reporting and analytical capabilities
  • Enablement of real-time and accurate data analytics
  • Enhanced self-service tools for students, staff, and faculty
  • Reduction of IT maintenance
  • Rapid deployment and implementation

You understand your institution, and the opportunities and challenges that face your campus. At Cloudworks, we bring our deep expertise in implementing Cloud technologies to enable your strategy, pursue your top opportunities, and overcome your technology and business process challenges. Let’s partner and prepare your institution to address your most pressing needs, while enhancing the student, staff and faculty journey to be a campus of the future today.

Our Higher Education Offerings

Cloudworks offers services specifically designed for Higher Education clients that considers institutional goals, campus culture, and the regulatory landscape of the industry.

Assessment and Roadmap Services (Advisory)

We offer an Assessment service which is a comprehensive health check of your systems, business processes, and organization.
Our assessment provides institutions with:

  • A holistic view of the institution’s technology landscape
  • Identified opportunities to streamline processes
  • Identification of risks and a risk mitigation plan
  • IT leadership and mission alignment
  • Informed and executable technology roadmap

The technology roadmap provides a timeline and plan to modernize processes, technology, or replacements. To understand the level of effort required to execute the roadmap, the assessment includes change management considerations and activities (for example: training) that will be included in the roadmap.

Optimization Journey (Implementation)

Our implementation services provide you the realization of your technology roadmap and execution of your change management plan through the optimization journey. We are partnered with you and your institution through the entire implementation lifecycle, from planning, definition, design, testing, delivery, and support. We have developed roadmaps, training plans, testing strategies, and cases for institutions implementing the most common higher education software solutions.

Implementations include:

  • Key process improvements
  • Underutilized technology features or high-impact technology features
  • New technology solutions
  • Training programs
  • All phases of testing

Continuous Modernization

Cloudworks helps you stay on a continuous modernization path to optimize existing systems by specific areas and priorities. We also offer guidance around reevaluating existing or old roadmaps for strategic and operational changes within the institutions. Because there are ever-changing regulations in the industry, we can reevaluate processes and redesign and adjust those processes to meet regulatory requirements.

Our passionate higher education team would you like to partner with you and your institution on the path to become a campus of the future today.

Higher Education Webinar Series

Date: Thursday, March 4, 2021 at 1 PM ET

Cloud technology continues its rise in higher education, and so is the number of institutions taking the opportunity to reduce costs, streamline processes, and build a more modern student, staff, and faculty experience. In this second webinar in the series of the Rise of Cloud Technology in Higher Education, we will talk in detail about how to identify your institution’s path to the Cloud and the considerations that help define your next steps. Every institution is unique, so we will share the various paths schools have defined for a future in the Cloud.

Cloudworks Higher Education launched a new web-series focused on Higher Education Student administrators. Webinar topics will vary from discussions around processes, new regulations, Cloud capabilities, and much more! The topics will be those that are top of mind in higher education. The higher education Cloudworks team has extensive experience working on campuses and understands the challenges that administrators face while delivering services to their students.

Higher Education Experience

The following graphic highlights our team’s past higher education clients where we have made an impact and brought value to their organization:

Meet our Higher Education Leader

Jessica Thomas

Senior Manager, Higher Education

Jessica is a Higher Education professional with 17+ years of experience in the higher ed industry. Her expertise includes enrollment management, specifically deep functional and compliance expertise in financial aid and admissions. She began he r career as a work-study student on campus and ultimately became an Executive Director in financial aid before continuing her higher ed career in consulting.

Leveraging her on-campus administration and Big 4 experience, she has a proven success record in spearheading projects that enhance process efficiency, accuracy, and compliance in fast-paced environments, and managing multiple, on-going continuous improvement initiatives. She is a dedicated to helping institutions reach their goals of student success by utilizing technology.

Clients and colleagues know her as a motivational, influential leader and collaborator who guides team members in cohesive, complex operations through in-depth training and mentorship.