Human Capital Management (HCM)

We have been working with Oracle Cloud for the last 7 years and establishing ourselves as a preferred partner in North America for HCM solutions. Made up of a team of top experts with practical know-how and deep expertise in HCM, Cloudworks has a certification level unmatched within the industry leveraging the latest collaboration technologies to empower your people and meet your business objectives.

Our HCM Expertise Will Enable Your Most Important Business Resources.​

Human Resource Managers are continually asked to do more with less. This business reality is ever-present for HR teams tasked to find new ways to simultaneously boost productivity and the company bottom line. Meanwhile, management is expected to cultivate a loyal workforce that is engaged, achieving balance, and has bought into the company culture and direction.
Technology isn’t the only answer to the HR puzzle, but it can certainly play an increasingly significant role. Today’s sophisticated Cloud solutions enable:
You understand your business strategy, and the opportunities and challenges that face your organization. At Cloudworks, we bring our deep expertise in implementing Cloud technologies to enable your strategy, pursue your top opportunities, and overcome your technology and business process challenges. Let’s partner and prepare your company to address your most pressing needs, while evolving your HCM capabilities for the future.
We are interested in enabling your success by giving you the tools to empower your most important asset. Your employees are worth the investment.

Our Offerings Include

Define Your Journey and Roadmap

You know where you want to go. What may not be clear is how long it will take to get there, how to sequence your technology initiatives alongside other projects, how to build the business case for change, or how to communicate the path forward to your executive team and employees. We can provide a clear and concise roadmap, informed by over one hundred successful HCM implementations.

Implement Your HCM Solution

Let our highly experienced team be your guide. We use our proven and reliable Cloud-connect methodology to implement quick and simple HCM Cloud solutions. We provide the same methodology scales to deliver large and highly complex solutions that require both global design and multi-regional deployment.

HCM System Health Check

Your existing system works, but it’s far from perfect. You want a report card that validates where you are meeting your objectives, what is broken, how quickly can it be fixed, what it will cost to fix and how can you evolve your capabilities over time. Our health check is like a trip to the specialist, only you don’t have to wait six months for an appointment.

HCM Project Recovery

Sometimes, projects get off track. Let our HR experts guide you through a project recovery – an efficient and cost-effective way to get your project back from status-red to a happy and vibrant shade of green.

Executive Alignment

Agreement between senior leaders on what to do next, when and why

Actionable Insights

Recommendations that accommodate your team and the nuances of your business

Measurable ROI

Financial impacts and funding required to move forward

There is No “One-Size-Fits-All” Approach.​

Every business is unique and requires a tailored approach and solution. We like to think of the Cloud, not as a structured box of leading practices with limited flexibility, but as a collection of leading practices that can be refined and tailored to support your unique business drivers and competitive differentiators. Throughout dozens of implementations, Cloudworks has developed a flexible but structured approach to implementation, beginning with understanding your unique business. Cloudworks has a proven and propietary “Cloud Connect” methodology that forms the basis for our Cloud transformation implementations and our industry-leading multi-pillar (ERP, HCM, EPM, SCM) approach. Our technical approach is integrated within the Cloud Connect methodology, including activities such as configuration, data conversions, interfaces, reporting, workflows and testing strategy.

Find The Right Fit

We tailor our services based on your needs. However, having completed over one hundred successful HCM implementations, we have identified some common elements that guide all of our client engagements.

Listening To Your Needs

We want to understand why your initiative is important to you and your team. This informative process includes understanding your business context, as well as the varied interests of your stakeholders and what the HCM implementation will mean for them.


Our goal is to get your HCM system implemented quickly and efficiently, on a timeline that is realistic and achievable. We can move quickly, but we understand that you have a limited team with a full slate of day-to-day responsibilities. We work with you to determine the right timeline for your project, at the right pace for your team.


No matter what size the organization, we recommend an enterprise design upfront that takes into account the requirements of all parts of your organization. Even if the system is deployed in phases, by region or by business unit, when we design with the enterprise in mind up front, this approach will help you avoid issues or limitations with your system down the road.

Knowledge Transfer For Success

When we go-live, our aim is that your team will have an action-ready understanding of your new system and business processes. Knowledge transfer is essential through every phase of our implementation methodology. As we proceed through each prototype and test event, we work to transition more knowledge, responsibility and ownership to your team. By conducting a user acceptance test, we put your team in the driver’s seat when your system goes live.
If you wish to plan or validate your HCM journey to the Cloud, find a real partner for your HCM implementation project, or simply check on the health of your existing HCM Cloud applications, please reach out to our experienced team.