Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Our transformative approach and unique partnership style help guide you on your journey to the Cloud, solidifying the foundation while enabling adoption of emerging technologies and agility on the leading edge. We help you establish a foundation for your back office and SCM processes that enables your organization to scale, while mitigating risk of disruption. Leading practices established in the Cloud are then contoured to your unique business needs and drivers. This unique model strengthening the Cloud foundation, enables your organization to focus on continuous business innovation putting actionable data at your fingertips.

Our Expertise Enables You to See Your Business Clearly

Over 80% of CFO’s and CEO’s expect their business to grow by acquisition in addition to organically over the coming few years making transformation and scalability across their applications and processes critical to their future. CFO’s, similar to most executives, believe that agility will be critical to their sustainability and growth, while Finance teams realize that ever changing landscape is continuing to accelerate. This reality of business means the alignment of top tier technology and leading practice processes will be ever more important in enhancing productivity and driving ROI. CFO’s have to deliver upon the business and productivity objectives, while also ensuring that the foundational elements of their finance and supply chain systems are designed in a way to allow the adoption of emerging technologies and trends.
Technology isn’t the full answer, but it is an increasingly large part. Today’s sophisticated and best practice rich Cloud solutions enable:
You understand your business strategy and the opportunities and challenges that face your organization. We bring deep expertise on how to implement technology to enable your strategy, pursue your top opportunities, and overcome your technology and business process challenges. Let’s partner to prepare your company to address your most pressing needs, and also to evolve your ERP capabilities for the future.

Our Offerings Include

Define Your Journey and Roadmap

You know where you want to go. But it may not be clear how long it will take to get there, how to sequence your technology initiatives alongside other projects, how to build the business case for change, or how to communicate the path forward to your Executive Team or your employees. A clear and concise Roadmap, that is informed by over 100 implementations, can be the right step forward to get started.

Implement Your ERP Solution

We are interested in enabling your success by giving you the tools to empower your most important asset. They are worth the investment.
Let our highly experienced team be your guide. Cloudworks uses our proven and reliable Cloud Connect Methodology to implement quick and simple ERP Cloud solutions. The same methodology scales to deliver large and highly complex that require global design and multi-regional deployment.

ERP System Health Check

Your existing system works, but you have found it to be far from perfect. You want a report card that validates where you are meeting your objectives, what is broken, how quickly can it be fixed, what will it cost to fix, and how can you evolve your capabilities over time. Our Health Check offering is like a trip to the Specialist, only you don’t have to wait 6 months for an appointment.

ERP Project Recovery

Hey, it happens. Sometimes projects get off track. We are highly experienced at “Project Recoveries”, featuring an efficient approach to get your project back from red status to a happy vibrant shade of green.

Scalable and Agile

Build a platform that allows your business to scale, aligning with the executive vision

Efficient and Automated

Optimize and automate heavy manual process by taking advantage of Cloud process technologies

Real-Time Actionable Data

Unified data model provides enhanced reporting and analytics tools to allow you to not only have visibility into real-time data, but to make critical business decisions based on that data

There is no “one size fits all” solution to your implementation project.

Every business is unique and requires a tailored approach and solution. We like to think of the Cloud, not as a structured box of leading practices with limited flexibility, but as a collection of leading practices that can be refined and tailored to support your unique business drivers and competitive differentiators. Throughout dozens of implementations, Cloudworks has developed a flexible but structured approach to implementation, beginning with understanding your unique business. Cloudworks has proven, proprietary methodology, “Cloud Connect”, forms the basis for our Cloud Transformation implementations including our industry-leading multi-pillar (ERP, HCM, EPM, SCM) approach. Our technical approach is integrated within the Cloud Connect methodology, including activities such as configuration, data conversions, interfaces, reporting, workflows and testing strategy.


During the Plan phase, Cloudworks collaborates with its clients to plan and prepare for subsequent phases of the project. The plan is vetted out across multiple client objectives to ensure the proper phasing is developed, including “quick wins”, burning platforms, efficiency of implementation dependencies and ultimately aligning all to our clients executive objectives and guiding principles.

Global Enterprise Design

The Cloudworks Enterprise Design approach enables organizations to begin their journey together as one team, identifying standard processes and structures that are harmonized across the organization. The goal is to begin at the Enterprise level of the organization identifying efficiencies and processes that can be enforced across the organization. The team then dives deeper into the unique business and site specific requirements to ensure a complete understanding of your business model, identifying areas to standardize, optimize and transform your business to Cloud leading practices, while designing for unique business needs and differentiators.


The objective of the Prototype phase is to iteratively produce a data loaded, fully configured Oracle Cloud Prototype Environment. The biggest benefit and objective of this phase is to expose the client very early in the project to an actual configured and working Oracle Cloud environment. This is a hallmark of our approach and an essential component of building a solution that is aligned with client requirements very early in the project life cycle.


Testing plays a crucial part in the validation of any system. The guiding strategy in testing any business process is centred on categorizing and prioritizing the critical components to be tested, as well as the types of tests to perform. To truly verify your new Cloud solutions and business processes meets your business requirements, the project team and end-users conduct testing activities supported by a consultant. Users are responsible for testing the system according to your business functions, while our consultants work with your users to provide support in dealing with any variances from the expected results encountered during testing. The key benefit of this approach is that it helps support effective knowledge transfer between our consultants and your users.


The Deliver phase provides the structure for Cloudworks and its clients to prepare for and execute system and business cut over to the new environment, which includes final cutover dry run, performing end-user training, conducting go/no-go evaluations and confirming the support organization to support the functionality after cutover. Cloudworks brings with its immense experience and knowledge to enable a smooth cutover and transition into the go-live and beyond.


The Support phase helps the client to transition beyond the go-live by providing ongoing support and training. Cloudworks ensures that information pertaining the new releases are articulated and presented to the client to stay on top of things at all times. Cloudworks additional AMS services enable our clients to maintain a worry free production environment while shifting their IT focus back to critical business needs.

If you are eager to plan or validate your ERP journey to the Cloud, find a true partner for your ERP implementation project, or simply check on the health of your existing ERP Cloud applications, please reach out to our experienced team.

We would love to meet with your team to discuss how we can help.