Application Managed Services (AMS)

Implementing a Human Capital Management (HCM) or Enterprise Resource Planning platform requires a proactive, ongoing support model that supplements the size and scale of your primary investment. Rather than spending the time, money and resources to find and hire experts you need, we at Cloudworks provide the best fit resources and a flexible structure fine-tuned to your priorities and service delivery model. We undertake end-to-end implementation projects and completely get the post go-live pain points, so we can’t be better suited to support.

Why Application Managed Services?

Think of Cloudworks as an extension to your team. While we provide seamless support to help your user community overcome any technical obstacles, we let you remain focused on your core business objectives: generating leads, growing sales, continuing to innovate, keeping customers happy and accomplishing new targets.
Our team of certified specialists provide their functional and technical expertise to ensure the optimization of management costs and fast return of your primary investment through:


Optimize the implementation journey post-go-live with a quality-oriented support service and efficient integration opportunities.


Gain greater self-sufficiency by reducing reliance on pricey consultants for critical system functions.


Reposition your valuable business resources to focus on true operational excellence and strategic initiatives.

Cloudworks’ AMS team delivers efficient services which enable you to realize the potential of cloud-based Human Capital Management, through three key phases:

Phase 1 – Transition

This marks the initiation of AMS – the review of current state processes and tasks. In this phase, we review and align on the process tackling all items including but not limited to gaining system access, reviewing outstanding issues, establishing the resolution workflow and SLAs, examining system documentation, evaluating communication and reporting norms, as well as development standards.

Phase 2 – Delivery

This marks the delivery of services including receiving and routing requests, reviewing and analyzing associated documentation, providing time estimates, development and configuration, in addition to delivery of supportive documentation.

Phase 3 - Governance

Governance is the driver for process improvement and targeted change, ensuring maximum process benefit and optimization to support your continually changing needs. You could expect weekly and monthly review meetings to track progress, assure quality and prioritize upcoming activities.
If you wish to plan or validate your AMS journey to the Cloud, find a real partner for your AMS implementation project, or simply check on the health of your existing AMS Cloud applications, please reach out to our experienced team.
Let’s save your organization time and money while helping you work more efficiently.