Environmental Sustainability Drives Our Business

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With climate change on the rise and the environmental crisis accelerating at an unprecedented rate; it is important for us to consider our impact on the environment. It is essential to work together to build a sustainable and healthy environment now and in the future. The planet we save today will be the home of our family and children for generations to come.

Change may be needed on a global scale but the best way to create change is by taking small, but impactful steps. There are many ways to reduce your impact on the environment. As part of the Cloudworks Cares initiative, Cloudworks encourages environmental responsibility and promotes sustainable living in a variety of ways.

Green Partners- At Cloudworks, we are proud to be partnered with Oracle, UiPath and many others to help clients achieve success with sustainability solutions. Cloudworks also uses these solutions to help clients and operate globally.

“Oracle’s solutions help companies achieve environmental performance improvement while creating business value.” By leveraging Oracle’s market-leading cloud infrastructure with its high utilization rates and optimized energy usage you instantly become a more environmentally conscious business. In addition, “Oracle’s Risk and Performance Solutions assist businesses to set environmental goals, build them into operating plans, proactively track progress, and report on outcomes.”

By utilizing a combination of UiPath’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and process mining you can successfully transform into an eco-friendly business. This combination of technology can help your business develop and apply a valuable infrastructure to achieve your environmentally sustainable goals. Initially, process mining will help you to understand existing business processes and workflows, which then helps to identify the ideal process. RPA develops software robots to automate these processes. The UiPath data-driven reporting delivers information you need to track progress and helps to demonstrate your success as an environmentally conscious industry leader.

Paperless Office- Oracle Cloud, digital and automation solutions have enabled businesses to become more collaborative, streamlined, efficient, and yes, green too! From using desktop applications such as Microsoft Office coordinating work projects to investing in digital HR and payroll software to handle workforce management, paper and ink are swapped out for an eco-conservative alternative. Cloudworks has provided platforms to businesses and institutions in nearly every continent, helping organizations around the globe realize what cloud-enabled processes make possible.

DrinkMate- Another great way to live a more sustainable lifestyle without sacrificing your quality of life is by using a sparkling water maker instead of purchasing countless amounts of plastic water bottles and canned beverages. Recycling plastic is a great habit, but it is always best to avoid waste in the first place when possible. This is not a perfect solution to environmental issues, but there are some serious benefits that make it a better choice than buying bottled water or soda. One family can save up to 2000 bottles a year by using a DrinkMate. It reduces the number of transport trucks shipping plastic bottles and cans, which helps to reduce emissions and overall pollution. One carbonator saves 190 aluminum cans or 40 plastic bottles. Cloudworks has gifted each employee a DrinkMate to help save 200,000 bottles of plastic per year. Together, we are joining 10 million people who have stopped using cans and plastic bottles to help save the planet and minimize waste.

Contact Cloudworks today to learn how technology can help meet your environmentally sustainable goals.

Lindsay Eekhoudt
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