Cloudworks Cares: Helping during COVID

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Cloudworks was determined to give back and help during COVID and in response created the Cloudworks Cares program. Along with helping through charitable causes, Cloudworks decided to invest and give-back to Clients by providing free and reduced-cost services that would help them during the COVID pandemic and into the future.

Client Assistance Services

After discussing with Clients and Oracle, Cloudworks determined that a quick win for Clients would be free offerings to process and monitor health/safety incidents, mange absence management, and volunteering efforts. Clients noted it would be beneficial to make the service offerings convenient and sensitive to the significant current demands on their time. Given this, Cloudworks developed free services to implement health, safety, and work life functions within Oracle Cloud HCM to meet these requirements. As requested, the Cloudworks Cares offerings were adjusted to limit the time commitment of the client. For example, if a client had some additional time that they were willing to put into the process, Cloudworks was able to train them virtually to provide additional offerings at no charge. For clients with higher demands, Cloudworks established customized services to establish these functions quickly. These clients were willing to take on more with increased remote training, on-boarding, human resource help functions, and improved connectivity with employees.


Cloudworks is pleased that their offerings have been received as an effort to help. It has been rewarding from a personal perspective for the company and clients have been thankful for the help during these trying times. One Client implemented Oracle Cloud Health and Safety within a day and has been able to process, monitor and report on COVID incidents with automation, rather than trying to manage the process through a combination of heroics, spreadsheets, and emails. Another example is the use of Oracle Cloud Worklife to promote and support employees helping their communities and even each other during COVID. Some clients are taking on more onboarding during these difficult times and are finding Oracle Onboarding to be key in effectively and efficiently managing this process. Lastly, some clients are using Oracle Digital Assistant to quickly answer employee questions ranging from COVID concerns to return-to-work inquiries.

Given the positive feedback from clients, Cloudworks will continue to offer these services in the future. Clients are seeing the value delivered by Oracle’s Employee Care Package (Health & Safety, Worklife, Onboarding, Learning, HR HelpDesk, and ODA), and Cloudworks is beyond honored to see value with the Cloudworks Cares program.

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